1. A Night at UltraViolet

  2. Beers with Friends

  3. I <3 Shanghai

  4. Flying to Guilin

  6. street tofu is my drug of choice

  7. Getting some Orange Chicken and sipping on PBR. Reminds me of life back in #Boston. #FortuneCookie #shanghailife #shanghult http://bit.ly/16a9ejq

  8. wine.from.another.time http://bit.ly/16q3jVx

  9. ʎɹɹoʍ.ʇuop.ʍouʞ.ʇuop.noʎ.ɟı http://bit.ly/1e1rOtM

  10. Always stuck in traffic. #shanghai #shanghailife http://bit.ly/15hJ39S